Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snowdrift summer camp is cool....  I have missed it here.  Harold Dean came down to see me right away and growled just like he always does..he's a good petter.  I like him.  While the girl was working on her tomatoes I explored in the tall grass and I smelled something I kept on sniffing...closer closer closer....   I am such a good tracker and then out of nowhere this gigantic bird flew up..It scared the girl but not me...well maybe just a little but dont tell anyone.  She said it was a turkey...her favorite turkey cuz it eats bugs out of her garden or somethng like that..I think it would be my favorite turkey too if she would have let me catch it and just take a little taste of its neck...I bet it tastes like chicken.  And did you know those big squares filled with dirt arent for digging?  The girl says Im doing real good coming when she calls but who wouldnt with a pocket full of treats waiting for me....  I like it here.  I miss you Mama

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